Welcome to the PostgreSQL Community Association

Welcome to the PostgreSQL Community Association, a non-profit organisation setup to steward assets such as domain names and trademarks for the PostgreSQL Project.

Latest news

Updates on trademark actions against the PostgreSQL community

6 December 2023

The PostgreSQL Community Association wishes to provide an update on trademark actions that were taken by Fundación PostgreSQL.

On November 17, 2023, the PostgreSQL Community Association, PostgreSQL Europe, and Fundación PostgreSQL reached a settlement on all outstanding trademark issues. Fundación PostgreSQL has surrendered all trademarks and entered into a trademark license with the PostgreSQL Community Association.

All three organizations are pleased to have reached an amicable resolution, and all will continue to work on activities to help grow the PostgreSQL community.

Setting the record straight: More updates on a trademark dispute

27 July 2023

On 27th July we published a news article updating the community on the ongoing trademark dispute with Fundación PostgreSQL in response to a blog post on their website.

Change of Name

3 July 2023

Following discussion with the PostgreSQL Core Team, the Association has now registered PostgreSQL Community Association (PGCA) as a business name and will primarily use that name in the future.

The PostgreSQL Community Association of Canada remains the legal name of the Association, and may still be seen in official documents, contracts, and elsewhere.

Board members confirmed

30 May 2023

Following an AGM and board meeting held at PGCon 2023 in Ottawa, the PostgreSQL Community Association of Canada's board has been re-confirmed as:

  • Dave Page (Chairman)
  • Steve Singer (Treasurer)
  • Jonathan Katz (Secretary)
  • Jaime Casanova
  • Peter Eisentraut
  • Marc Fournier


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